If you need to cancel your appointment, it is perfectly fine. I just ask you to give me a call or text. Please don’t just not turn up or let me get to your house only find there is no one home. If you do not want your appointment there is ALWAYS someone that does. I always keep a list of dogs that do desperately want their groom so it can always be filled if you let me know at least 24-48hrs before. Failure to do so will result in a £10.00 no show fee.

Remember, we are always extremely busy so it really isn’t a problem.

Appointment Cancellations

Time Keeping

I always work to appointments so your dogs do not have to sit in cages or mix with other dogs. Time keeping is very important to me. Please turn up for your appointment on time. I will always wait for at least 15 minutes but if you are later than this, then your appointment will be given to someone else. This will be the same if I collect your dog from your home too. If you are not home when I get there, I will often wait for about 10 minutes and will then put a note through your door, your appointment will then be given to someone else. If you drop your dog to me, please make sure that you are within reach when the groom is finished. Even though I do like to sit and cuddle your dogs while I am waiting for you to collect them, I do have other appointments to get to so please do not take more than 45mins to get back.

Sorry if this seems harsh, but it is all for the welfare of your dog’s. I like to provide a 1-2-1 service with NO cages and NO other dogs.

Again, please turn up for your appointment on time, failure to arrive on time may result in you being rescheduled and paying the no show fee of £10.00.

People that do not collect their dogs promptly will be charged extra. I work by scheduled appointments, if you are late I will be late for my next appointment, therefore you will be charged for my overtime and will also inconvenience other people.