Dog Grooming

If you cannot drop your dog off to my salon, I will happily come to your house and pick your dog up free of charge. I will then take your dog back to my log cabin which is situated in my garden and groom him/her there. I will then take him/her straight back home after. Your dog will NOT be away from you all day. I only groom dogs from the same household/family at one time, so you do not have to worry about your dog being with other dogs. Dogs are rarely caged as I have a secure outside area where they can sniff about and have a drink etc. There is also a big cushion that dogs love to snuggle up on while they are waiting for their owners to pick them up.

Any matted dogs will be shaved humanely. I do not de matt under any circumstances as this causes not only pain to your dog but can be very stressful too. In extreme cases there will be a £10 surcharge to cover the extra time this takes and this will also cover my blade to be re sharpened as more often than not, shaving dirty matted coat will blunt my blades.

Dog Grooming Services
Dog Grooming Service

Services include:

  • Bathing
  • Clipping
  • Hand stripping
  • Nails/ears- I only clip nails as part of a groom this service is not available separately.
  • Massage in the special hydrobath
  • New advanced dryer (quiet for nervous dogs)
  • Blaster dryer for removing dead hair on Huskies/German Shepherds/Labs
  • Puppies and elderly dogs will be given extra breaks

If your dogs has any special needs/skin conditions please let me know

Please note Mucky Mutz does not use cage dryers.

One to one

It is my policy to only groom one dog at a time or dogs that are from the same family that are used to each other. I do not think it is fair for nervous dogs and puppies to mix with other dogs they do not know. It will just make the whole situation difficult and stressful for you, me and your dogs.

Full groom

Our full grooming service includes a consultation, a bath, a facial, your dog will then be dried, their hair cut in the style you request, their ears will be cleaned, their nails will be trimmed (if needed) anal glands will be expressed (if advised by a vet), doggie cologne will be used to make your dog smell amazing and a cute bow to finish.

Hand Stripping

We only offer our hand stripping services for certain breeds of dogs. This includes:

  • Boarder Terriers
  • West Highland Terriers
  • Cocker Spaniel
  • Irish Terrier
  • Jack Russell Terries
  • Schnauzers

Hand stripping is a technique we use to pull out the dead hair by hand instead of using clippers. It can be a lengthy process and may require more visits to the salon to get the dog looking how it should be. It is really important to people that their dogs maintain their proper looks.

Dog Grooming Service
Dog Grooming Service


Your dog or puppies nails will be checked when you require a full groom. I am really sorry but this service cannot be done separately.

Anal Gland

Not every dog requires its anal glands to be expressed. Any dog’s that do require this service will need to be seen by a vet beforehand. It is only then on vet recommendation that we will provide this service as it can cause more damage if they are expressed too often.


We have found that many dogs like bichons and shihtzu’s have runny eyes. So for these types of dogs, I use a blueberry and vanilla facial wash that will help to reduce tear staining.

Paw Wax

Paw wax can be applied to dog pads to help protect their paws from the elements. This can be extremely beneficial for your dog especially in the winter months.


Every dog that comes into our salon is photographed during the grooming process and then is posted on Facebook so you can see how happy your pooch is and how lovely they look. You can share these with your family and friends.

Dog Grooming Service
Riley and Flynn


Riley and Flynn


Ben After Grooming

Ben smiling after his grooming session.