It is really important to get your pup into the salon at an early age. Puppies need to experience the sounds of the salon as well as having their hair cut, paws touched and ears cleaned. You can help with this at home by praising your dogs every time you groom them or touch parts of their body. You could help by praising them with treats, affection or by giving them their favourite toy. It’s also important that your pups form a relationship with me. I tend to play with them as much as I can and give them lots of affection so they enjoy the grooming process. We want a happy relaxed dog that loves being groomed. That of course is our main aim.

If your pup doesn’t need a haircut then book them in for a bath. This is a brilliant way to get them used to the process and get used to me before the do eventually need a haircut.

Here’s a few pics of some puppies that have just had their very first groom…

Puppy Grooming